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2017 Malvasia Bianca Frizzante

Betty's Vineyard

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Wine Specs
Malvasia Bianca
St. Helena-Napa Valley
Vineyard Designation
Betty's Vineyard
Harvest Date
September 5, 2017
100% Stainless Steel
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Our 2017 Malvasia Bianca “Frizzante” has aromas of tangerine, lavender, and tropical fruits. This wine also has an intense tamarind and citrus zest quality to it. There is a slight effervescence to the palate and fair amount of sweetness, but the profile is light, airy and refreshing due to the vibrant acidity. Peaches and pineapple flavors come across the palate as the wine engages the senses. The finish is quite racy, and leaves the impression of tamarind, linalool, and tropical fruit on the mind. This wine leaves us think we have one toe in the ocean and the other stuck in the hot sand.
Vineyard Notes
Betty’s Vineyard is located adjacent to the winery, and this varietal was planted there much to our own delight and pleasure. It has become a place we congregate and discuss business during that short period of the year where the fruit is hanging on the vine, and sugars and acid come into balance. It is a most delicious grape that wouldn’t survive our nibbling if it didn’t make an even more delicious wine.
Winemaker Notes
The inspiration for our frizzante style Malvasia Bianca is the great wines of the Moscato D’Asti region in Italy. We pick the grapes to maintain the high natural acidity and low sugar to keep this wine light and refreshing. The fermentation is halted in the cellar between 6 and 7 Brix leaving the wine with a sweetness and complexity. The wine is force carbonated at bottling giving the wine even more lift on the palate and a nice compliment to the exotic aromatics of Malvasia Bianca.
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